Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services are identified during the Accessibility Services assessment, and used when a student with a disability experiences academic difficulties or has problems completing courses within the course contract period. These services will be assessed as an accommodation only where the need has arisen through differences directly related to disability. These services include the following:

Academic Strategist

Learning Specialist or professional assists students to develop very specialized strategies directly related to their individual perceptual, processing, memory, recall, organizational, expressive, etc. , abilities and differences. At present, Accessibility Services can not offer these services directly, but will assist students to apply for funding to access these supports.

Academic Monitoring

Upon request ASD will work with students to help them establish assignment and course completion schedules modified with respect to their specific abilities and differences.


Tutoring is assessed as an accommodation when an individual requires additional instructional or editorial assistance to master the content and demonstrate the required course learning objectives. (For further information try Athabasca University's Ask AU and Learning Services website.) This service is not offered directly, but Accessibility Services will assist students to apply for funding for this service.