Invigilation Site

There are several factors that can have an impact on the location of where a student will write an examination including

  • several considerations related to the impact of a disability
  • assessment requirements
  • resources at a designated invigilation site (human, technological, staffing and accessibility)
  • potential fees associated with invigilation

Therefore, 'location' is one of the exam accommodations Accessibility Services will discuss with students within the needs assessment process. Students will be asked to assist by seeking information in their regions.

Students may write exams

  • at a designated Athabasca University invigilation site including an online proctor service.
  • at a designated AU post-secondary invigilation site, Disability Support Service office
  • at an alternative site that has been approved by the AU Office of the Registrar such as a library, private college, or school
  • at home with a volunteer or paid invigilator approved by the AU Office of the Registrar.

Please note students are responsible for all fees or payments associated with examinations.