Services at a Glance

The following is information about the various support services provided by Accessibility Services. For more detail about each item follow its link.

Advocacy, Accessibility & Referral

Accessibility Services department staff advocate and liaise on behalf of the student with various parties. This may include AU or external organisations providing certain services that are not available internally and only accessed in the local community or other professional resources. Accessibility Services has expertise in the evaluation and can assist in the resolution of accessibility concerns in the online learning environment.

Alternative Format Course Materials

Required course materials may be reproduced to meet someone’s print disability related needs. This may include a format that will facilitate individuals with a variety of, auditory, visual, or physical access challenges to electronic, print or multimedia course material.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technologies are aides, hardware and/or software that help an individual with a disability to perform activities more independently and with greater ease. We also have specialists who assess tech needs, provide training and support. We also prepare a variety of resources to guide students in technology use in course work.

Course Management Services

Course management accommodations may be necessary due to the impact of a disability. Someone may have academic difficulties or problems completing courses within the course contract period. These individualised accommodations are designed to provide equitable opportunity to succeed academically by facilitating a student’s educational goals. Examples of course management accommodations may include a reduced course load while maintaining full time status, an extension, or conditional withdrawal. Accessibility Services may request additional medical verification of the impact of a disability on course work in order to reasonably assess an accommodation of this type.

Exam Accommodations

AU has a variety of exam platforms. Accommodations may be needed to adjust the assessment situation to account for the impact of a disability. Examples of exam accommodations are extended time, use of assistive technology, alternate format, or alternate form of assessment. Accommodations that adjust course requirements or component delivery must be medically verified as relating to the impact of the student’s own disability, uphold academic requirements and consider the Duty to Accommodate.

Learning Support Services

An individualised accommodation plan is developed during the registration process with an Accessibility Services advisor. The accommodation plan identifies accommodations, facilitates process navigation and possible resources. This may include exam accommodations, a study plan or referral to a resource.