Providing Services at a Distance

Accessibility Services develops and provides a comprehensive range of services at a distance to ensure a wide diversity of students achieve academic success while simultaneously upholding academic standards. In most brick and mortar institutions, students go to the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, the Learning Assistance Centre, and/or the Assistive Technology Lab to access services. Accessibility Services department staff find alternative ways to deliver similar services to students no matter their geography.

How does Accessibility Services accomplish these tasks?

  • We require the active participation of the student in the planning and implementation of accommodations and services.
  • We communicate extensively with the student and value the information they provide.
  • We may place a heavier emphasis on technological solutions for certain kinds of accommodations.
  • We assist students in accessing resources in their home communities.
  • We establish a wide range of alternative solutions to meet assessed accommodations
  • We continue to seek alternate methods of delivering services or accommodations, including online alternatives and the development of distance delivery seminars or training packages.
  • We advocate on the student’s behalf to achieve accommodations that are mutually agreeable to both course coordinators and the student.
  • Within this context, Accessibility Services practices with innovation and flexibility.