Extended Time for Courses

For students registered for services with our department, Accessibility Services may provide up to a maximum of three 2-month course extensions per individualized study course with waived course extension fee. Three 2-month extensions per course are the maximum available as per the Athabasca University Course Extension Policy.

The accommodation of an extension with a waived fee is intended for students to finalize any remaining course work.

The accommodation will not be applied retroactively beyond the end date of a course contract.

The accommodation must be assessed as being needed due to the impact of the student’s own disability as part of the Accommodation plan.

Before approving the requested accommodation Accessibility Services reserves the right to request:

  • medical documentation to support the course extension
  • a demonstration of course progress (e.g., assignment submissions, contact between student and course tutor, quizzes, and/or midterm completion)
  • a study plan to complete the needed course work.

Any extensions received prior to enrollment with Accessibility Services are counted towards the maximum three extensions a student is eligible for under AU policy.

Course extensions are not automatically applied but must be requested by students before the course contract end date. Approved extensions will begin on the first day of the month following the previous course contract end date and not when the request is submitted/approved.

Course extensions are NOT available to grouped study or challenge courses and must be requested one at a time toward the end of the contract period.

Funded student course extensions are not processed by Accessibility Services. Extensions can have consequences on current and future funding opportunities. Please contact your Student Financial Aid Advisor to discuss how extensions may affect your financing and to submit your extension request (sfa@athabascau.ca).

For further information, see Applying for Extensions.