Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodations is a general term that refers to a wide variety of alternative exam delivery procedures including.

  • location
  • environment
  • time allowed
  • format of materials
  • structure of exam
  • supports for delivery
  • method of response
  • specific concerns in evaluation

Such procedures are assessed and recommended to ensure that individual students with diverse disabilities have an equitable and fair opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learned under evaluation.

The purpose of any assessed reasonable accommodation is to provide access and the fair opportunity to succeed; and thus, never to extend an advantage to an individual student or population of students over others.

This objective is of critical consideration where evaluation is concerned. Different courses require students to develop specific kinds of knowledge and skills and therefore, necessitate variant forms of evaluation. Similarly, individual students with disabilities will have different needs based upon their differences and abilities, even when they have similar disabilities.

Hence, the accommodations that are approved for examinations in one course may need to be modified for examinations in another course; and the accommodations approved for an individual with a certain type of disability will likely differ from those assessed for another student with the same disability.