Needs Assessment Process

Accessibility Services takes a variety of factors into account when assessing for appropriate accommodations. First, we asks students to complete a self-assessment to describe their barriers and needs accurately. Self-assessment is a part of the Verification of Accommodation (VOA) form, which is required for students to register for services. Please see How to Apply for further information on applying for services.

The self-assessment, medical documentation, and any other relevant documentation submitted by the student (e.g., accommodations provided by another institution) are considered to provide an individualized accommodation plan for each student. Please note that Accessibility Services may request additional information and/or documentation.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine support service, assistive technology, and/or academic support requirements.

Once the Accommodation Advisor has completed the student’s successful enrollment, a Letter of Approved Accommodations, as well as an Accommodation Plan, will be provided to the student describing their assigned accommodations as well as information on navigating their provided services (e.g., exam booking). We recommend that the student presents their Letter of Approved Accommodations to their course tutors.

Should students wish to discuss or alter their accommodations, they are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services to review any changes and provide any additional supporting documentation.

As needs and circumstances change, a reassessment will occur, and accommodations will adjust accordingly.

Accommodations and supports are assessed on an individual basis. Our staff are very familiar with the Alberta Human Rights Commission’s Duty to accommodate interpretive Bulletin for Students with disabilities in post-secondary education.

Therefore, to ensure equitable and fair service, not all services are available to all students.