Schedule an Exam

Once you are registered with Accessibility Services, you can request an exam with accommodations.

Exams with accommodations must be requested at least 20 days prior to the exam write date.

Please review the Athabasca University Calendar for specific information regarding scheduling examinations as an Athabasca University student. The information below applies to scheduling exams with a previously approved invigilator.

Request Your Exam

In order to request your examination, you proceed as follows:

  • Confirm a date and time with the designated or approved invigilation site or invigilator.
  • Advise the invigilation location/invigilator of the examination accommodations that you require and confirm that they can provide your required accommodations.
  • Book the exam online.
  • Ensure that you indicate yes when asked "Are you a student who needs accommodations and have registered with Accessibility Services at Athabasca University"
  • Select your approved invigilation location
  • Select your write date/time

Once processed, the examination package will be forwarded to the identified invigilation site by e-mail with a notice confirming the accommodations that have been approved for the exam.

Four to five days prior to the date of the exam, contact the invigilation centre or the invigilator and check if the:

  • exam has arrived.
  • correct exam was sent.
  • information was included about the approved accommodations.
  • confirm the arranged date and time; and
  • verify that they are still prepared to provide the identified accommodations.

Contact Accessibility Servicesif there are any problems.

Rescheduling Exams

If you must reschedule the exam due to personal, disability-related, or invigilator problems:

  • Please note: As per Athabasca University policy, the exam must be written within ten business days of the cancelled date.
  • Cancel the exam with the invigilation site
  • Set up an alternative date and time with the invigilation site or invigilator.
  • Have the invigilator hold the exam until you have discussed the situation with Accessibility Services.
  • Contact Accessibility Services as soon as possible to indicate the revised date. Accessibility Services will advise you and provide further directions.
  • Exam fees may be applied. See the current calendar forexam information.

On the Day of the Exam

  • Have all standard or individually approved aides prepared and with you.
  • Arrive or be ready to start at least 30 minutes prior to the exam to facilitate any special set-up (e.g. technology) and/or to ensure all arrangements are ready. If there are any problems, contact Accessibility Servicesimmediately or as soon as possible. Note: it may be beneficial to have the Accessibility Services contact information handy.
  • Upon completion of the exam, report any difficulties with the accommodations or invigilation to Accessibility Services as soon as possible ( The situation will be assessed and potential actions recommended.

Other Important Information

Please Note:Exam accommodations are subject to ongoing evaluation and Accessibility Services will revise the recommended accommodations in accordance with

  • individualized needs
  • new information
  • changing technologies
  • available supports
  • resources
  • and course requirements

Students will be consulted to participate in this process