FREE Tools, Tips & Tricks (AT)

The following FREE or low cost Resources are provided in order to assist you as an immediate or interim solution while waiting for funding approval for assistive technologies.

Read the site information to check if it is compatible with your computer and something you are willing to undertake before downloading and installing any trial software. If you need assistance on how to use any of these programs please consult their sites, documentation, and you may contact our Assistive Technology Team.

Reading Tools

Hearing course material read aloud and visual cues for what is read can really assist reading fluency and comprehension. A variety of Reading Software Tools such as Text to Speech, Screen Readers, Text to MP3 converting, magnifying and altering the document layout for distraction free viewing can aid comprehension. You will also find a list of sources to electronic and audio books.

read&write for AU Students and Staff


read&write is a floating toolbar that operates on many different devices to provide tools for learning, organizing, reading and writing. for example:

  • colour e-highlight documents
  • extract those highlights to Word
  • text to speech reading aloud
  • make audio files
  • mind mapping to organize/plan papers
  • so much more...

Details about features can be found on the TextHELP website or video links found in this installation guide. You need your Athabasca University email address activated.

Thinking of Going with a Mac?

There are a variety of Assistive Technologies and Tools built into the Apple operating system and many of their products whether it be an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple computer. Here are some resrouces to help you decided if a mac is right for you.

Windows 10 Accessibility Features

Microsoft Windows has many built in accessibility features including Magnifier, colour filters and themes, Narrator is a screen reader and mouse or cursor visibility enhancements. View Microsoft’s Accessibility page.

If you have any questions or want to disucuss these items place contact our Assistive Technology Team.