AT Organizing Ideas Software


This software usually allows you to reorganize material in a way that you can most easily remember and used it. Often free form software that allows you to drag and drop items, insert multimedia and click anywhere to start typing.

  • Evernote - Collect and find things for all platforms (PC, MAC, Mobile). It’s web storage of captured information for keeping you organised. It needs an internet connection to store your captures like business cards, photos, videos, voice memos and then organize and search them. (Dotto Tech video: "5 Favorite Features".)
  • OneNote

Brain Storming or Mind Mapping

These products allow you to create a graphical representation of ideas. Then convert the brainstorm into a text outline so that writing and ideas can be easily generated and a draft outline created. People like this feature because it’s easy express ideas and connect them visually. We remember information that we see or do graphically more than linear text.