Types of Assistive Technology

There are a wide range of technologies that can facilitate learning by enhancing the following areas:

The aforementioned list is not all inclusive. The AT industry has a huge amount of technology solutions that should be paired with areas of impact from a disability. The AU Assistive Technologist can assist with the process of finding the technology that best suits your needs.

There are a couple do it yourself resources to find various technologies. Keep in mind they may not be current. - Adaptech - AU's App Matrix - Tech Matrix

In 2015 AU staff conducted a participatory research project into apps that students with disabilities found useful. The Mobile App Selection Tool (MAST) was developed to share those resources. You can link your learning processes to app filters and register to borrow apps that are not free. This is not an inclusive list but helps to identify needs to apps. Visit the AUMAST to view apps or register for updates and contribute to our resource.