Applying for Extensions

If you require additional time to complete your course work, you may request the accommodation of an extension to your course contract end date. To do this, submit your request prior to your contract end dates. Requests should be submitted through Accessibility Services online Extension Request Form or print and submit the following Undergraduate Course Extension Request Form PDF. These forms can be submitted via email to Accessibility Services

If you have the existing accommodation as requiring extended time with waived fee for extensions, for courses Do NOT request an extension through the Office of the Registrar Online Services site as you will be assessed and charged course extension fees.

Ensure that you indicate the course name/number that you require an extension for.

Funded Students

Course extensions will not be automatically granted to students with funding, as it can have consequences on current and future funding opportunities. It is your responsibility to contact your Student Financial Aid Advisor to discuss how extensions may affect your funding before the first extension can be processed (

After speaking with your Student Financial Aid Advisor, you can submit an extension request to your Student Financial Aid advisor directly with a completed Course Extension Request Form. All extension requests must be prior to your contract end dates.