How to Request Alternate Format Course Material

Students must be registered with Accessibility Services for this support service accommodation. If you are not registered with Accessibility Services as a student with a verified disability, please begin the process described at How to Apply.

Once you receive confirmation of registration, complete the Alternate Format Course Material Request Form and submit it to If you are unable to use this form contact us for assistance at .

  1. Identify the courses that you plan to register in well in advance. Allow at least 4 weeks prior to your course start date.
  2. Check the Course Material section of the Athabasca University course syllabus to identify the materials you will request.
  3. If you have specific questions about the content, format or layout of the materials, contact the Course Coordinator (often identified on the syllabus) or Academic Centre
  4. An alternate format course material assessment is required upon the initial request in order to establish the disability related impact/need. This is often a discussion with a team member.

Materials that are prepared by Accessibility Services will be forwarded to you through the mail or electronically via your Athabasca University O365 OneDrive file share. What is O365?

Students are responsible to inform us of their course needs and submit the Alternative Format Course Materials Request Form For all subsequent courses/terms. We do not monitor course registration.

A student with a permanent disability may be eligible to apply for financial assistance for Alternate Format Course Material services or equipment. Contact our office by email at or by telephone at 1-800-788-9041 to schedule an appointment to discuss how to apply for disability related grants for services and equipment.

If you received funding to cover associated costs of alternate format course material, you are responsible to reimburse the service provider upon invoice. A receipt will be generated to submit to Student Aid for your funding grant reconciliation.

You should familiarize yourself with the sponsors’ guidelines and timelines for reconciling receipts to ensure you are eligible for ongoing funding.

If you require additional information, contact Accessibility Services.