Alternative Format Course Materials

Alternate format course material service team members work to assist students to acquire or reproduce required course materials for students with a variety of needs including print, auditory, visual, or physical access challenges. We do not have resources to assist with supplemental or optional materials. Contact us to determine how we can assist you best by e-mail:

University provided course materials are listed in the course syllabus, viewable before course registration. Course material may include textbooks, reading files, study guides, student manuals, assignment guides or audio-visual materials.

Alternate Format (AF) is a support service and accommodation assessed by an Accessibility Services team member, Each AF course request takes into consideration the impact of the student’s disability, the required course material(s), and unit resources at the time. This accommodation is not based on preference or previous eligibility.

If Accessibility Services is providing you with any alternate format material, delivery times will vary depending on the source availability, needed format, and resources to acquire or create material.

Students must identify their need to ensure timely assistance, acquisition, and preparation of alternate format course materials, we need students to submit an Alternate Format Course Material Request form (.docx) at least 4 weeks prior to starting a course. For complex formats such as Braille, please submit your request at least 8 weeks in advance of course start date.

You will still receive the course pack that the university sends to all students even though you request our assistance with an alternative to it.

Accessibility Services provides alternate formats on a cost recovery basis whenever possible. Students eligible for the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE) will have the estimate for services submitted on their application. Funding resources are found here.

While the provision of alternate format is not conditional on awarded funding, when funding is awarded for this support service it must be paid to AU as we provided the service. Contact us for further instructions.

Examples of Alternate Format Course Material:

  • Alternate Layout – line spacing, page colour, font (AU Produced material)
  • Large Print (AU Produced material)
  • Text based PDF with navigation support (Bookmarks or split into chapters)
  • Hard copy of e-textbook and AU produced material (when available)
  • Braille & Tactile Supplemental Guides to accompany the PDF e-text
  • Kurzweil 3000 format (un-zoned KESI, zoned KESI is a funded service only)
  • Text transcriptions of AU produced multimedia (audio or video material)

Accessibility Services has the following service delivery strategies to meet a variety of student needs.

  • Students must request alternate format services for each course, indicating the material and format needed due to the impact of a disability not preference
  • Accessibility Services may provide a similar alternative to the requested format
  • All requests are dependent on the student’s disability related need, source availability, needed format, and unit resources.
  • We assist eligible students to apply for funding to acquire technology to independently acquire or reproduce their course materials (via OCR software, a printer/scanner, and/or hire a service provider such as Accessibility Services to reproduce material.

If you require further information, contact the AT Team at or call Accessibility Services.