How can I get access?

Complete the Accessibility Services verification form and assessment. (Please see How to Apply and Assessment)

If you, the student, find you are having significant problems academically or to complete courses within the contract period - contact the Accessibility Services office to discuss your difficulties and to reassess your potential need for service.

If you have received funding for learning support services, the money may be forwarded to you directly. Subsequently, you will be responsible to obtain invoices from the provider, issue payment, and submit the receipts and any remaining money to the funding sponsor. You should familiarize yourself with the sponsors guidelines and timelines for accountability to ensure eligibility for ongoing funding.

Please remember: you will be assessed for these Accessibility Services services only when the need is related to your disability, medical condition and/or treatment. If you feel you would benefit from some form of learning support assistance for more general reasons, contact the Athabasca University Counselling Unit.

All students may benefit from the Learning Support resources available on-line.