Guide to Funding & Student Loans

Review the eligibility requirements, funding guidelines, and application procedures for provincial and federal student loans in the Province or Territory that you live in.

Identify yourself as having a permanent disability will enable you to apply for specific programs for students with disabilities, which may include:

  • Full-time student status with a reduced course load (40%)
  • Eligibility for alternative loan repayment programs

Medical documentation must be provided to clearly identify the presence of a permanent disability or medical condition. Individuals with learning disabilities or attention disorders will be required to provide a copy of their psycho-educational assessment.

You will need to determine whether to apply for a:

  • Full-time Student Loan,
  • Part-time Student Loan, or
  • Part-time Bursary

on the basis of your financial resources and needs, and on how heavy a course load you feel you can carry and successfully complete within a term (4 months for full-time; four to six months for part-time). See the following Athabasca University links:

Accessibility Services recommends that you start the application process four to six months before your intended start date. Contact our office for information and assistance.