Canada Studies Grant for Students with Disabilities

This is a collaboration process between your AU Student Financial Aid advisor, Accessibility Services, and yourself. There are multiple parts involved that each unit needs to help you acquire funding successfully.

Accessibility Services can assist you in applying for the Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PD) and the Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities (CSG-PDSE).

Full and part-time studentswith disabilities may access a Canada Studies Grant (Bursary for Students with Disabilities -BSWD in Ontario) to pay for disability-related access, learning, and technological supports that are assessed and recommended to facilitate the successful completion of courses and programs. The funding is restricted to cover supports that directly relate to education and disability.

Eligibility and application forms vary by province.

You are likely eligible if you:

apply and qualify for full-time or part-time student financial assistance (have at least $1 of assessed need)

  • meet the definition for a student with a permanent disability according to your provincial funding agency
  • are in a full-time or part-time program at a designated post-secondary institution
  • submit medical documentation verifying a permanent disability (provincial documentation requirements may vary)

If you are not already funded by your provincial funding agency, you will need to apply for financial assistance and complete an Athabasca University Course Registration Plan.

  • To apply for financial assistance, please contact an Athabasca University Student Financial Aid advisor at

Information on applying for student aid funding to attend Athabasca University is available on the AU Financial Aid website

Once you have applied for financial assistance and completed a course registration plan, please contact our office 8-10 weeks prior to your anticipated start date at Athabasca University. Our office can provide additional information and application forms specific to your provincial funding agency.

Medical or assessment documentation verifying a permanent disability or medical condition and the validity of the identified supports must be attached to a CSG application.

For applications to the CSG Services and Equipment grant, an assessment documentwith cost estimates endorsed by Accessibility Services staff must be attached to the application. Please set up an appointment to discuss funding and your individualized needs.

Some provincial student funding applications also require your Student Financial Aid advisor to endorse enrollment in courses via the AU Course Registration Plan and an Accessibility Services representative to sign and complete designated sections of the grant application.

You can also forward the signed CSG grant application to Accessibility Services and include a quote for any equipment or service you are requesting. This will start the process from the disability related end.

Please Note:

  • It is important to review the guidelines and procedures for the student loans program in your province or territory.
  • The Canada Studies Grant for Students with Disabilities application may be referred to under a different name, such as Bursary for Students with Disabilities. To identify the correct application, review the specific information for students with disabilities provided under the student loans program. If your grant application is approved for assistive technology or required supports, in whole or in part, a cheque will be forwarded to you.

If the full amount of the grant applied for is not approved, you will need to contact the Provincial Student Loan Office to determine what specific requests were accepted or denied. If you have difficulty obtaining the information, contact Accessibility Services for assistance.

You will be responsible to purchase the equipment or service, obtain invoices or receipts from the vendor or provider. Accessibility Services can advise you on how to proceed.

Submit the receipts and any remaining funds to the funding sponsor. Failure to use all the funds or to submit the receipts for the approved expenditures can result in being designated as having an 'overpayment.' This amount would be deducted from subsequent loans or could affect future eligibility until the amount has been repaid. Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines and timelines for accountability to ensure eligibility for ongoing funding.

Please Note: Grant monies can not be used to purchase services or equipment that have not been approved. Any other expenditures must be well-documented and pre-approved, if possible.

Contact Accessibility Services for more information.