Helpful Hints

Start early. We would encourage individuals to contact ASD four to six months in advance. It can take time to set up supports and apply for funding.

Any information provided about potential resources in one's community may be beneficial.

Identify any technology you own or have access to (e.g. computer, language-master, tape recorder, and so on).

To ensure good planning, carefully consider any needs that may be associated with activities like reading, writing, keyboarding, using a library, going to a designated location to write an exam, recalling information, or organizing information.

Remember that all services are not available to all students. Each student will be assessed on the basis of their individual abilities and differences.

Do Not Be Afraid to identify a disability. Athabasca University is committed to providing access to diverse populations. (See the AU Mission Statement and our Disclosure of Disability page). Maintain communication with ASD so service plans can be modified according to with your individual changing needs, especially if you are experiencing academic difficulties.

To make arrangements for specific types of accommodations see our FAQs page.