Stasis Withdrawals

Under exceptional circumstances that necessitate a short-term leave of absence from course work, Accessibility Services will consider a request for a stasis withdrawal. This specialized type of withdrawal (available to Accessibility Services students only) provides the opportunity to temporarily withdraw from a course for a limited time period.

The need for this exceptional accommodation must be directly related to the disablement or medical condition.

Factors Considered

In addition to the factors that are considered for a medical withdrawal, Accessibility Services will be concerned with:

  • expected date you could return to your coursework or studies
  • overall academic progress or history to date
  • the actions or steps you will be taking to enable you to successfully resume studies after the absence
  • professional documentation supporting the need for the absence and indicating expectations regarding your ability to return within a specified time frame.

Upon discussing the needs with you, Accessibility Services will identify a prospective restart date (minimum of 2 months and maximum of 12 months). While all of the factors will be taken into consideration, the duration of the leave of absence will be heavily influenced by the original start date of the course(s) and the academic progress to date. Such restrictions tend to benefit the student in a number of ways, and include some assurance of course currency.

Before forwarding the recommendation to the Office of the Registrar, Accessibility Services will:

  • review potential implications on funding with you
    • identify what steps you will need to take now to protect your future eligibility
    • prepare supporting documentation that may be required by the funding agency.
  • review any possible academic implications that may result.

Please Note: If the course is revised during the time that you are inactive, you will be assessed a learning resources fee when you restart the course. In addition, once you have restarted, you will need to complete all assignments and exams.

Upon your acceptance of the above, Accessibility Services will forward the request and recommendations to the Office of the Registrar for approval and processing.

Written confirmation of the decision on recommendations will be forwarded.

To be reinstated in the course

  • Contact Accessibility Services at least one month prior to the restart date to arrange to have your registration reinstated. If you are ready to return to your studies on an earlier date, notify Accessibility Services. If you are unable to resume your studies by the restart deadline due to medical or disability related reasons you will remain withdrawn from the course without academic penalty, but will forfeit the opportunity to reregister with waived course registration fees. You may re-register in the course (subject to the payment of re-registraion fees) at any date in the future.
  • Caution: The student is fully responsible for requesting reinstatement by the specified deadline.

For further information see: Medical Withdrawals and Applying for Medical and Stasis Withdrawals.