Athabasca University encourages all students who wish to withdraw from a course to make a formal request. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on academic standing and grade point average. Withdrawals can also affect eligibility for student funding.

Please review section 5.4.2 Course Withdrawals in the AU Calendar. Students are also advised to check specific regulations pertaining to Programs or Graduate, grouped study and challenge for credit courses.

Before writing the final exam and the course contract end date:

"All withdrawal requests must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar and bear the student's signature. To formally withdraw from a course, complete and submit a Course Withdrawal Request Form (also included in the Forms Package of your course materials), or fax the completed form to the Office of the Registrar. An e-mailed withdrawal request will not be accepted." (Please visit: Ask AU.)

Students with disabilities who wish to request an early withdrawal within the first 30 days of the course start date, should follow the standard procedures identified above.

However, we would advise students to notify the Accessibility Services office before formally withdrawing to discuss whether eligibility for funding will be affected and to cancel any support arrangements.

Students with disabilities should direct all other withdrawal requests through Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services will review the need for the withdrawal with you, the student, and make recommendations.

Accessibility Services will consider requests based on the following two categories of withdrawals:

  1. Medical Withdrawal: The need to withdraw from a course or courses is related to a student's disablement or medical condition
  2. Stasis withdrawal: The student requires a temporary break from his/her course work due to unexpected difficulties associated with his/her disability or medical condition.

There are a number of factors that will be considered:

  • whether you are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate, individualized-study or grouped-study course
  • the guidelines and requirements for course-load and academic progress by your student funding sponsor
  • the length of time you have been enrolled in a course
  • whether the course has been revised since you enrolled
  • the financial resources you have available to you
  • the progress you have made in the course
  • the circumstances necessitating your request
  • the expected time that is needed to be able to return to studies, if you intend to resume studies at AU.