Time Management

Calendars & Alerts

  • iStudiez is a cross platform application that helps you organize tasks, assignments and calendars. It syncs between your computer and mobile device so you always stay up to date.
  • Time Tracker is web-based, easy to use time tracker software.
  • Toodledo An app that allows you to set up tasks and prioritize them. Great for project management.
  • TrackClass helps you get your school work organized. From reminders to notes to assignments and grades, you'll be on top of your studies! (Free resource)
  • Seven Organization Tools for Students
  • Todo.ly - easy to use online to-do list
  • Rescue Time -web-based time tracking software to promote focus and productivity. Offers graphs and visual support. The Lite version is free 
  • VideoNot.es - take notes synced to video
  • Bubble Timer  - A simple time tracker to keep on task and see how much time it takes to complete tasks. Free for 14 days.
  • Remember the Milk  - Online task list. Syncs with Android phones, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc. Has quick input and reminders to do tasks (type "put books in bag Sunday 3pm" and it will remind you to put your books in your bag on Sunday at 3pm
  • Pocket Mod  - Free, recyclable personal organizer and study guide, can be used in a variety of ways
  • Diigo  - Use the highlighting and extract annotations tools to collect important information for later review.
  • Text Compactor - When text needs to be summarized, use this online tool. Great for cognitive rescaling.
  • Eyejot - "Video messaging in a blink," video email tool