Services at a Glance

The following is a listing of the various services provided by ASD. For more detail about each service follow its link.

Advocacy, Liaison & Referral

ASD staff is able to advocate and liaise on behalf of the student with various parties. This may include referral to certain services that are not available internally and only accessed in the local community or other professional resources.

Alternative Format Course Materials

Course materials that have been repurposed in a format that will facilitate individuals with a variety of print,  auditory, visual, or physical access challenges to print or multimedia course material.

Assistive Technology

A term used to describe technological aides, hardware and software, that help individuals to perform activities more independently and with greater ease.

Course Management Services

Refers to different accommodations that can be assessed to provide students with the best opportunity to succeed academically by managing their time schedules and course loads.

Exam Accommodations

A general term that refers to a wide variety of alternative exam delivery procedures.

Learning Support Services

Identified during the ASD assessment, to help a student with a disability with academic difficulties or problems completing courses within the course contract period.