Extended Time for Courses

For the majority of students registered for services with our office, ASD may provide up to a maximum of three 2-month course extensions per individualized study course with waived course extension fee.

Course extensions are not provided automatically; but must be requested by the student.

For further information see Applying for Extensions.

Three 2-month extensions per course are the maximum available as per Athabasca University course extension policy.

Under exceptional circumstances, a fourth extension may be provided to an individualized study course. If you require a fourth extension please submit an appeal utilizing the online Appeals Process form.

When submitting an appeal for a fourth extension please ensure that you click YES to the question:

"Is your appeal due to your own ongoing medical condition and/or disabling condition?"

And your appeal will be directed to the ASD office for review

In your appeal provide a detailed message that identifies the medical circumstances that have impacted upon your studies in the course, as well as how you intend to complete the course within the additional time. Please note that appeals are not automatically granted. Additional medical documentation may be required in support of your request for a fourth extension.