Extended Time for Assignments

Due to the paced nature of grouped-study courses, recommendations for additional time will be negotiated on a course by course basis and will be directed toward the deadlines for individual assignments.

ASD will communicate with the Course Coordinator to identify the student's need for individualized time arrangements. Final approval of the time extensions will rest with the course coordinator.

In most cases, arrangements for time extensions will result in the development of an assignment completion contract that will identify completion deadlines. Within this type of agreement, extended time would only be approved for specific assignments that are completed independently of the group work done in the course. Such time extensions will generally be much shorter in duration than the traditional 2-month course extension. This is to decrease the potential negative impact that such extensions may have on later course registrations (next term) that may also include grouped-study courses.

Note: ASD is aware that graduate students generally have more communication with their course instructors than undergraduates. In addition, they often possess a mature ability to articulate their educational needs. Hence, unless ASD is requested to intervene more actively, the Office will identify the need for time extensions and leave it up to the graduate student and course academic to negotiate an assignment completion contract.

For further information, see Applying for Extensions.