Eligibility for Services

Enrolled or prospective students with educational challenges resulting from disabilities or medical conditions professionally diagnosed as:

Sensory (e.g. low vision, blind, hard of hearing, deaf)

Learning (e.g. LD, ADHD, ADD)

Physical/Mobility (e.g. spinal cord injury, MS, MD, CP, back injury)

Neurological (e.g. ABI/TBI, aneurysm, Parkinson's)

Psychological (e.g. bi-polar, MPD, schizophrenia, PTSD, clinical depression)

Permanent or chronic disabilities or medical conditions (CFS, Graves Disease, Fibromyalgia, Osteo-arthritis, Diabetes, etc.) or

Temporary (e.g. broken wrist, injury) providing there is a clinical diagnosis of the condition and that it impedes ability to complete course work.

Note: If you are concerned that you may have a disability, require information or are uncertain about eligibility, contact the ASD office.

How to Apply for Services

Contact the ASD office request a Verification of Accommodation and Support Service Requirements (VOA) form or access the form online

Complete the general information and self-assessment portion of the form.

Provide documentation of your disabling condition as per Appendix A of the VOA form and/or review the summary of disability documentation that is required to register for services with ASD

Return the form and any attached documents to the ASD office via fax or mail. (See ASD contact information).