Individual Education Plan

ASD perceives an Individual Education Program in the following way:

  • An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is established with a student to create a framework to guide their educational planning and progression through courses or programs.
  • It should be developed in consideration of all information that is provided in addition to observed and experienced abilities, differences and preferences.
  • The IEP must be based on the objective of accommodating the individual based on their abilities, differences, and potential in the educational environment.

Through the initial and ongoing assessment process, ASD works in partnership with the student to establish an IEP. The information is shared with the student through dialogues on planning, accommodation requirements, strategies to try, academic progress, etc. Relevant information is shared with academics, funding agencies, and other designated personnel or service providers with the student's knowledge or when required, consent.

How do I revise my course completion plan?

  • Set up an appointment with ASD to identify your concerns.
  • ASD will discuss the situation and work together with you to revise your educational plan and accommodation requirements (if needed). Academic and funding implications will be discussed and in consideration of a number of other factors, the plan will be revised to meet your individual needs.

Please Note: ASD would encourage students who are finding it difficult to complete readings and assignments in a reasonable amount of time, organizing work for a number of courses, or are simply feeling overwhelmed to contact the office.