Cautions on Course Load

Courses that have been extended are not included in the calculation of full-time student status after the original end date of the course contract. (e.g. If a course started on June 1, the contract end-date is September 30, and the course was extended until November 30; the course would not be calculated for full-time status after September 30.)

To Maintain Full-time Status

To maintain full-time status a student must register in a minimum of 9 credits (unless a funding source specifies other requirements such as a 100% course load) for each four month term within a funding period. The courses within each term must be successfully completed (passed) by the term or course contract end date.

Full-time funded students may apply for course extensions. However, students should initially investigate how extensions will affect their eligibility to maintain their funding or recieve tax credits. Please refer to section 7.2.1 Undergraduate Fees, Refunds, Financial Assistance in the online calendar. If a student proceeds with course extensions in the first term of study within a funding period that extends beyond one semester; the second term of courses will still start on the first day of the next month following the original course contract end date for the first term. (e.g. if September 30 was the original end date for the first term of courses that have been extended to November 30, the second term of full-time courses would still have an October 1 start date).

Maximum Number of Courses

A student may only be registered in a maximum of six courses at a time. Please see the Athabasca University policy on maximum Course load.


Designation as a full-time student at Athabasca University does not ensure recognition of full-time status by a funding source.

A funded student may not reduce their course load during a term without possible repercussions for further eligibility or ongoing sponsorship during the term in absence of obtaining prior approval from the funding provider.

In most cases, a student must apply each funding term for approval to enrol as a full-time student with a 40% course load.