AT Note Taking Systems

Note taking can be audio visual or a combination of both. Widows 7 and the Apple have Sticky Note capability built in. Other portable devices allow you to synchronize an audio recording with the things you are simultaneously writing with a SmartPen.

Windows 7 Sticky Notes
Open Sticky Notes by tapping the Start button. In the search box, type Sticky Notes, and then tap it when it appears. Use a keyboard or stylus to hand write on your sticky note.

Apple OSX Stickies
Open the Apple menu, then select Stickies. If a blank note doesn't appear, open the File menu and select New Note (or press Command-N). Type or write on your note.

LiveScribe SmartPen
Syncs your hand writing to its audio recording.

Adobe Acrobat
allows you to annotate and comment on PDF files that have been made searchable. Here is a video tutorial:

Adobe Reader X Colour Zoom.pdf
Adobe Reader X PC annotate.pdf

is a web annotating and highlighting solution for many platforms. You can use the online cloud storage, take screen shots, or download to your device to view later.

Digital Voice Recorders
Ask Doug Digital Recorder Matrix: is designed to help you think about your recording needs.

How to Choose a Voice Recorder
This is an informative article from eBay on: How to Choose a Voice Recorder.