Accommodations Explained

Students are asked to complete a self-assessment of their accommodation requirements. This self-assessment is incorporated into the verification form that is required to determine ASD service eligibility. (Please see How to Apply, the Individual Support Service Plan and download a copy of the Verification Form.)

Based on the information included with the verification and any supplemental documentation (e.g. psycho-educational assessment), each student will be asked to enter into an investigative discussion to identify what accommodations would be reasonable in consideration of their functional abilities and differences, treatment, symptoms, academic requirements, eligibility for funding, environment, geographic location, and other available resources.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine support service, assistive technology and/or academic support requirements.

When deemed appropriate, an individual may be referred for further assessments in their local community (e.g. Learning disabilities or neuro-psychological). ASD will provide referrals and also attempt to help students to identify potential funding resources to assist with the cost of such assessments.

ASD will work with the student to develop an Individual Support Service Plan.

As needs and circumstances change, reassessment will occur and the service plan will be modified accordingly.

Reasonable accommodations and support requirements are assessed on the basis of individual abilities and differences. Therefore, to ensure fair practice, not all services are available to all students.