Assessment & Set-up

Apply for Accessibility Services eligibility (Visit: How to Apply and Accessibility Services contact page. You can also download the verification form.)

Participate in the Accessibility Services assessment (Visit: our Assessment page)

Accessibility Services will enter into a dialogue with you to identify reasonable academic accommodations for your courses, which will include also include an assessment of examination accommodations you may require. When requesting examination accommodations

  • Provide details on previous experiences and examination accommodations you have provided with previously (if any) and also identify whether the accommodations were of assistance to you.
  • Information from medical or assessment documentation will also be taken into consideration.
  • Accessibility Services will work cooperatively to identify what 'reasonable accommodations will be recommended.

Upon completion of a review of your examination academic and examination accommodations Accessibility Services will forward confirmation to you of your approved accommodations.

Prior to scheduling an examination you will be required to locate an invigilation location at which you will write examinations. In order to locate invigilation location:

  • Identify the designated Athabasca University Invigilation Sites are in your community (Visit the Office of the Registrar's Exam Invigilation Network page);
  • Contact the site and discuss the accommodations that have been approved for your examination. Ask if they can provide for your accommodation requirements and determine costs for the invigilation of the examination
  • Alternative invigilation locations may be considered if you are unable to locate an invigilator able to accommodate your approved examination accommodations.

If an alternate invigilation site is required please review the Athabasca University Calendar Inviglator Guidelines regarding what is required in order for an individual or location to be approved as invigilator for Athabasca University examinations. If you will require an alternate invigilator we recommend that you:

  • Contact educational sites (schools, learning assistance centres), libraries, professional organizations or counselling agencies;
  • Ask if they could invigilate exams and discuss your approved accommodations
  • Contact upon locating a potential alternate invigilator and note in your subject line “Alternate Invigilation Location”.

When you have located an invigilation location and have received confirmation of your approved examination accommodations, you may request your examination as per the instructions provided on the Accessibility Services Scheduling Examinations web page. A letter that confirms your approved examination accommodations will be forwarded to the invigilator with your examination.

All students should also review the regulations regarding writing examinations and scheduling procedures included in the AU Calendar at Examinations and Grades.