Applying for Medical & Stasis Withdrawals

How do I request a medical or a stasis withdrawal?

Contact the Accessibility Services office and request a Course Withdrawal Request form OR access the form online. Print the form.

Complete the form and be sure to indicate:

  • the type of withdrawal you are requesting
  • what courses you wish to withdraw from
  • why you need to withdraw.

Attach medical or professional documentation.

Return it to the Accessibility Services office by mail or fax (Accessibility Services contact information).

Accessibility Services will contact you to discuss the request.

You are advised to report your withdrawals to student funding and/or sponsoring agencies. Accessibility Services will provide a letter advising your funding or sponsoring agency of your withdrawal from studies due to disabling condition. If your funding or sponsoring agency requires a letter please notify Accessibility Services.

Please Note: When a return to studies at AU appears unlikely, Accessibility Services can assist if you wish to discuss alternative education or training opportunities that might better suit your interests, abilities, or accommodation requirements.