Applying for Extensions

The potential need for additional time for individualized study courses will be identified during the initial assessment of a student's academic accommodation.

Funded students must request their FIRST 2-month extension through their Athabasca University Student Financial Aid Advisor. For more information please visit the Office of the Registrar.

How to Apply for Extensions

  • To request an extension please submit your extension request using the Access to Students with Disabilities (ASD) Extension Request Form
  • or print an Undergraduate Course Extension Request Form
  • and return this form by mail to:
  • Access to Students with Disabilities
    Athabasca University, Edmonton
    Peace Hills Trust Tower
    1200, 10011 - 109 Street
    Edmonton, AB
    T5J 3S8
  • or by fax to 780-421-2546

Do not request an extension through the Office of the Registrar Online Services site as you will be assessed and charged course extension fees.

Ensure that you indicate the course name/number for which you require an extension(s). Your extension request must be received by ASD no later than one month prior to your course contract end date.

Caution: Please remember that approval of additional time requirements by ASD and Athabasca University does not mean that student funding programs will approve the additional contract period.