Alternative Format Course Materials

Alternate format course material describes course materials such as Textbooks, Reading files, Study Guides, Student Manuals, Assignment Guides or audio-visual materials that have been reproduced in a format that will facilitate individuals with a variety of print,  auditory, visual, or physical access challenges to course material.

Formats that ASD is able to create:

  • Alternate layout (line spacing, page colour, font)
  • Large Print
  • Electronic Text (edited and unedited)
  • Braille & Tactile Graphics
  • Kurzweil format (KESI with(out) zones)
  • Audio MP3 files
  • Transcriptions of audio or video material

ASD tries to assist students to acquire alternate format course material via a student request form. This service is an accommodation in addition to the print course pack that is sent to students from the university when registered in a course. The accommodation is assessed by the Assistive Technologist within the context of the student’s print disability and ASD resources.

ASD has developed the following service delivery strategies to meet student needs.

  • Assist the student to meet alternative format requirements through technology.
  • ASD encourages all students to apply for funding to acquire the technology to independently reproduce the materials and/or contract ASD to repurpose course materials listed in the syllabus, depending on the individual student’s assessed needs and ASD resources.
  • Provide all possible internally published AU materials in the formats required.
  • Attempts will be made within reason to provide you with materials or tools that will work for your alternate format needs

With respect to the individual needs of the student, ASD will implement the best possible and mutually agreed upon single or combination of strategies. Within this context, ASD asks students requiring alternate format materials provide as much notice as possible to facilitate the identification, acquisition, and preparation of alternate format course materials. Times will vary in accordance with the materials, specific formats, etc.

If you require further information, contact the AT Team at or call the ASD office.