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Athabasca University

Disclosure of Disability

Athabasca University is committed to removing barriers to ensure access to students with disabilities. Identifying your disability will not affect your access into programs or courses.

Identifying your disability will enable you to access ASD services and to work with us to ensure your needs are met through reasonable accommodations.

ASD encourages you to discuss your needs with your tutors to facilitate a better understanding of your academic strengths and differences. Open communication helps faculty to be more aware of how they can be supportive.

Information and documentation regarding disability or medical conditions that is forwarded to the ASD Office is placed in a confidential file and secure location.

Additional documentation such as a medical letter verifying the need for an extension is kept on file in the ASD office. These files are also secure and confidential.

Unless we have discussed it with you, and obtained your written permission, specific information regarding diagnosis is generally not provided to AU faculty or Administration. A notation is posted that indicates you are a student eligible for ASD services on the Athabasca University Student Management System. When ASD contacts a Faculty member to identify accommodation requirements we indicate that you are a student who has a disability. The need for a specific accommodation is explained in terms of functional differences rather than a "diagnostic label (e.g. the student needs to use a computer with a screen-reader to write examinations as they are unable to visually access text based material").

All communication within the institution regarding a student's disability or medical condition is strictly conducted on a need to know basis. In other words, the information that is provided is limited to how it is pertinent to the procedure (e.g. information about your disability would not be shared if we are assisting you to register in a course, but information on exam accommodations that have been assessed would be identified if we are helping you to book an exam).

All communication with any individual, agency, or family member outside of Athabasca University regarding an student requires a signed release from the student.

Personal information provided to ASD is collected in accordance with and protected under Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Updated April 30 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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