iPad Project Announcement

April 08, 2016

Project Participants Needed: The iPad as a Mobile Learning Tool

ASD is seeking participants for an iPad project about iPads and various apps as a tool for learning for students with disabilities. There are a limited number of iPads but each selected student will have an iPad to use for one semester. Course materials and apps will be loaded on the iPad. The students will have an opportunity to investigate and use a range of apps that may be used to enhance their learning experience in reading, writing, annotating, brain storming and organizing ideas, quizzing, and more using an iPad. It is a participatory action based model. The student with the Assistive Technologist will work together to develop a plan most efficient to use the iPad to study as a tool in distance education. A series of pre/post interviews, monthly status interviews, and training/support meetings will be conducted over the term. Interviews and meetings will be on-site in Edmonton or by distance via Skype, FaceTime, text chat, e-mail and telephone. ASD’s Assistive Technologist is the primary training and technical support person for this project. The purpose is to determine if iPads can be used to facilitate learning for students with disabilities and potentially assist students as an accommodation.

Participants must be:

  • Registered with Access to Students with Disabilities (ASD) with a permanent disability
  • Registered in an Athabasca University program of study
  • Meet with or have met with the Assistive Technologist for an AT Assessment
  • Provide a letter of intention describing why they would be a good candidate
  • Commit to participate fully in project activities
  • Agree to care for the iPad and its components
  • Agree to return the iPad and its components to ASD in good condition

Interested students can submit a letter of intention with the subject line “iPad Project to:

Carrie Anton, Assistive Technologist,
Access to Students with Disabilities
Athabasca University
1200, 10011 - 109 Street
Edmonton, AB T5J 3S8
E-mail: carriea@athabascau.ca
Fax: 1-780-421-2546