Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD)

"The programs and services funded under EAPD will vary among provinces and territories, to reflect local priorities and the needs of the disability community. Examples of interventions which provinces and territories may choose to jointly fund through EAPD include employment counselling and assessment, employment planning, pre-employment training, post-secondary education, skills training, assistive aids and devices, wage subsidies or earning supplements, and other workplace supports." (HRDC: What is EAPD?)

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Upon completion of the assessment, ASD will complete and provide the Individual Support Service and Technology Plan to students who apply for this type of funding within their provinces or territories. (For more help, contact the ASD office.)

Please note: Funding through this source in most provinces does not cover tuition and living costs. Therefore, applicants may need to apply for additional funding through student loan programs, etc. Educational pursuits must also have a direct relationship to employment readiness and goals.